A Producer

One of my goals for 2012 is to be more of a producer. What will I produce?

  • I want to get the podcast going again. A confluence of event streams caused a necessary break in the podcast, but the loss of momentum went too far and I’ve had trouble overcoming inertia to get it going again. I’m sure version 2.0 of the podcast will be different than 1.0, but I want to make it much better, not just different.
  • When I began this site, I wanted it to be a resource for Bible study leaders. I still want that. One thing that I have proven myself to be useful for over the years is the devising of good discussion questions. I want to do more of that and figure out how to make my stuff usable for you.
  • I also want to get into a bit more of reviewing materials related to the Bible and Bible study. More and deeper. Further up and further in. You know. Maybe I would entertain the inclusion of well-written and well-thought reviews by you, the readers. I want this to be a community, after all.
  • I continue to wonder about taking on a podcasting partner. I listen to several podcasts regularly, and they all have two people in conversation at the heart of them. That cannot be duplicated by myself alone, or even with the help of Siri. Not sure what to do. I might be hard to work with or something.

Thanks to my faithful readers from this young enterprise by an old man. Thanks for your patience and your support. Let’s light this candle.