A Quiet Sunday Morning

It’s a very peaceful Sunday morning here at Bible Study Geek HQ. The neighborhood is sleepy. There is a skim of white on the ground. No traffic on the street. The dogs are sleeping near me. My wife is prepping herself for church. (Somehow, it takes her longer than it takes me to get ready, so I have a minute to write this.) From where I sit, the house is dead quiet. I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

I am reflecting on God’s peace.

His peace is different than the world’s peace. For one thing, there has been little peace in the world in my lifetime. For another, his peace isn’t always recognizable as peace. Sometimes it seems just the opposite. I know he is in control, but the world is out of control. The economy is eminently and imminently flushable. The nanny state is rising to power. The world is unrestful. It doesn’t feel good.

But still we pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

And God hears our prayer. And his kingdom will come and is coming.

Marana tha.