If, like me, you would like to become fully untethered from Google, you will find that the hardest googlish thing to replace is Google Reader. Even all the iOS RSS readers require a Google Reader account for syncing. I mean, even NetNewsWire on the iPad requires a Google Reader account even though NetNewsWire on the Mac can stand on its own.

If the iOS apps for NNW would simply sync somehow to the Mac app, then Bob’s your uncle. But they do not.

However, I’ve found a service that I like well enough to have canceled my Google Reader account. I’ve been using it for a month or so and I haven’t looked back.

That service is NewsBlur.

NewsBlur is the work of one Samuel Clay (@samuelclay). On the model of Instapaper and Marco Arment, Clay is building a company from the ground up. No VC. I like that model a lot.

NewsBlur has a way to go yet, but it is very usable and very good. You can import your RSS list from GR to NB, and turn off the googlekey. Very liberating.

Their is an iPhone app that works well enough. No iPad app yet; that will be the killer feature for me. The web app is very good. You will have an adjustment to make from Google Reader, but, hey, you’re pretty smart, aren’t you? You can do it. If I can do it you can do it.

Give NewsBlur a go. Why not?