Interior Design For Log Cabins

One of the best parts of a log cabin is its stoic, rustic, old and romantic charm. But for those interested in the finishing touches, interior design is the last, but funnest aspect.

Many ask us how to decorate an log cabin, and our answer is always the same; “any way you want to”.

Here’s a quick video to give you some ideas before we get started:

One of the first questions you have to ask yourself is “do we have enough room” and “what are our options to get more room”.

These are just two of the many questions you’ll have when you start to look at decor. But they are the most important because before you start buying all sorts of furniture, lighting, tables, rugs, and appliances, you want to make sure you have the space and don’t need to commit additional money to more construction.

Once you’ve decided you have the room, it’s time to go shopping. Start with the most common areas first and work from there. For example, where will you spend your most time? Look at the layout, walls and windows and decide what style you want to go with and then use that to determine how the rest of the cabin will flow from that.

One of the best forms of advice we give others to to ask for friends or neighbors in the area who have similar homes and solicit comments from them. From appliances to all the other things  you will be buying it is good to have someone who has gone through this before.

Someone who has gone through it can help you avoid the pitfalls and overspending that are far too common.

But don’t worry. This should be an enjoyable aspect of your new home and there are tons of resources online to help you find your way.

In addition, hiring a professional is always an option too. An expert in home decor can help you with new ideas but also help steer you towards exactly what you want.

Best of luck!

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